Who we are

At a glance

GARRARA INTERNATIONAL TRADING “GIT” is a multinational and multi-discipline professional commodities trading company, working in numerous vertical markets with our main focus in Oil & Gas supply, Petroleum, Agro food commodities, with its formed on October 2013 by its founding member and Chairman Mr. Mondher Heni. GIT Djibouti has been opened to cover the 21 countries of East Africa including Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania, Kenya…etc. as an extension of GIT Togo in West Africa and GIT Tunisia and Morocco in North Africa, thus covering almost all African countries.
Our operations comprise around agribusiness, crude oil, petroleum products & natural gas. Using our sector knowledge and global supply base, we source and market commodities to consumers who need them – such as refineries, transportation companies, industrial companies, power companies, commodities trading companies and others. In this way, we market resources that play an essential role in modern life.